Twidtastic Brand Rep Search

We are looking for a Twidtastic Rep

We need a super awesome, totally crazy about cloth nappies, who is also a wiz on social media who would like to become my Twidtastic Rep! Someone who can work with our current and future reps to ease the pressure of me aiming to run this business (and another) while also juggling my six little Twidlets 

I am looking for one, maybe two Twidtastic reps (you do not have to be or have been a rep for little Twidlets already to apply.) 

What does a Twidtastic Rep do?

This role is everything our Little Twidlets reps are already, promoting Little Twidlets, liking, sharing and taking clear, bright photos etc….however you will also be my lead rep in looking after our other reps, helping to answer questions, organising challenges, rep takeovers, coordinating the reps for events for things like product launches, on both Facebook, the Facebook little group and Instagram. 
The idea is to increase our friends and followers, (with actual people who are interested in cloth nappies) To increase engagement, likes, shares and comments and to ultimately increase our sales and help our business grow.

I am looking for people who are motivated and confident to work self-directed.


For this role, you will have 10% discount to share with you friends and families and a personal rep discount for yourself to use site wide.  You will have first access to all new product launches, get insider information, sneak peaks and if possible early purchase options on new products or prints.

You will need to commit to a three month probation term, however this will be a rolling term so if you and I are both happy then it will be continued for as long as necessary. I am looking to build a long term relationship with the right person or people.


To rep for little Twidlets you must not be associated, affiliated or in any way connected to another shop, online or otherwise that sells similar products because it causes a conflict of interest. There are exceptions to this rule, but generally, we find it can just get complicated. If you are unsure please ask. You must ensure that any confidential information is kept strictly private.


In order to be selected, we are looking for the following criteria to be met.

Someone who is passionate about cloth nappies, supporting my small business, who is a motivated and regular user of social media with the potential to Influence. A person with a high engagement rate and following. Someone with an active account that post regularly, which is run by someone who understand social media, its algorithms and how to use it well.

We need someone with an online presence which is visible, searchable and public.  We do not, however, require that you use full face shots of your children or family.

Twidtastic Reps will remain in good standing as long as the above qualifications are met.

If you do not meet the required expectations, you will be placed on probation. The first violation of expectations will result in a warning. The second violation of expectations will result in being removed from the rep team.


To apply to be my Twidtastic rep pop me over an email In ten million words or less give a little background about who you are, where we can find you online and how you found out about Little Twidlets.  Successful reps will be notified by email and start a three month trial in the first instance.

Finally, any questions please feel free to shout and good luck