About Us

Little Twidlets is an eco friendly shop, selling a wide range of items to help you to live in a more sustainable way.

I, Nicola, started Little Twidlets in 2015 as an online shop, working from home, around my six Little Twidlets!  With people becoming more aware of the effect of single use plastics and making the switch away from disposable products the business grew, so in 2020 I opened a shop at 1 New Road in Ludlow.

Little Twidlets Eco shop, reusable nappies, plastic free periods and sustainable items to live single use plastic free

Originally, the shop specialised in cloth nappies so you will find a wonderful array of super easy to use contemporary nappies. Alongside a whole range of baby and children’s items such as organic clothes, children's tableware, wooden toys and books. 
But, we are not just for children, we have products for the whole family, such as water bottles and coffee mugs. Plastic free dish brushes, reusable makeup remover pads, safety razors, locally made  cards, soaps, and eco friendly deodorants. As well as reusable period protection, such as period pants, cups and pads. 

I have chosen our products carefully to ensure that we are making every effort to look after the planet, most things come either minimally packed or packaging free. I am passionate about supporting other local and small businesses so you will find many of our products are designed and made in Ludlow and the surrounding areas. 

You can always find me hanging out on Instagram  or TikTok but shop opening times do vary so please feel free to message me to check times before making a trip at nicola@littletwidlets.com

Little Twidlets Nicola. just a card supporter, Cloth nappies, period protection and sustainable products