Little Twidlets Upstairs Room

We are very lucky that we have a lovely space in our Little Twidlets shop that we rent out. We currently use it for a variety of uses such as a babygroup, first aid classes, pottery painting workshops, photo studio and a sensory room. 

The room is on our first floor above the shop space and is approximately 9 by 3 meters. There is a toilet, with a baby changing available. It's a lovely light room with windows running down each side. 

There is a dresser with everything you need to make a tea or a coffee which is provided free, you are welcome to bring your own extra food/drinks if you like. 

You are welcome to log in to our wifi and when we can we will always help with setting up the room, just let us know how you like it.

Little Twidlets Room to rent
Little Twidlets playgroup



We charge £10 per hour for the room and booking is on a 'pay as you go' basis meaning you are not tied into a contract, so if you want to book weekly/monthly etc you can but if you want to book just as a one off that's also good. However, please note that if you book the room it must be paid for unless we get at least 48 hours notice. 

Little Twidlets Little Glow Room


To book, view the room or if you have any other questions just pop in to the shop or send me an email to