Environmentally Conscious

At Little Twidlets I always try and be as conscious as I can about the environment and want to be as eco as possible but just want to start by saying I know I am not perfect, it's so difficult to be completely plastic free, however I am always looking at ways to ensure that my little business treads lightly on the world.


All orders are normally sent out in either paper envelopes, mailers or cardboard boxes and we use 100% recyclable brown paper tape to secure them. We will also recycle packaging materials that have been sent to us so you may find that your package has already been on a journey before it gets to you, if you can, please reuse it and send it on another adventure!


We no longer print and send an invoice or receipt in your package. If you need one please just message me and I will happily send one however by not doing this as standard, we can save so much paper and ink.


We are moving away from stickers on our packaging and now use an ink stamp as this can be used over and over again, eliminating the need for single use stickers. We do sometimes use stickers when we package items, for example if we need to wrap something in tissue paper but now have smaller ones to reduce the impact they have.


We do pop a little card in with our orders to say thank you for ordering with us, we buy these from another small muma run business. These were also made smaller to save paper.


We are continually looking at more ways in which we can improve both big ideas and small ideas so if you have any at all just drop me a message at