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Violets Earth Friendly Bleach washing machine cleaner
Violets washing machine cleaner lemongrass

Violets Washing Machine Cleaner

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Keep your washing machine and dishwasher clean and fresh with Vegan certified Violets concentrated cleaner. 
100% natural - non toxic

6 Monthly Treatments in every pot - Sanitise your Washing Machine and Dishwasher regularly to keep them hygienic.

With every use, unpleasant soap scum residues and stains can build up inside washing machines and dishwashers encouraging mould growth although the accompanying odours are usually masked by the strong chemical fragrances in mass-produced detergents. Avoid this problem by regularly cleaning your machines with violets natural antibacterial formula to ensure your machines are germ and odour free.

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate, Sodium sesquicarbonate, Sodium carbonate, Natural soap