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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

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This extra virgin coconut oil has many uses, including but definitely not limited to: 

Using it as a wipes solution, melt a teaspoonful then add to your fresh wipes box with the water. Mix it around and then add your wipes to make extra moisturising cloth wipes - gorgeous.

It's wonderful as a moisturizer, especially if you suffer from dry skin. Just rub it on after a shower - it is greasy at first but absorbs quickly, leaving supersoft, great smelling skin.

It also makes a fantastic lip or nipple balm, if you have any chapping or chafing in those areas.

It is also a brilliant cloth nappy safe baby bum barrier cream and as it is antibacterial also it can help heal mild nappy rash irritation.  Obviously, you can also use it on all of your baby as a baby moisturiser, not just their bum, so if you like to give your little one a baby massage, this would work a treat.


Ingredients: 100% Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Comes in a plastic pot with lid. 500ml