Ellas House Newborn Cloth Nappy Pack

Ellas House Newborn Cloth Nappy Pack

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Newbie pack rainbow contains:

4x Ella's House Newbie nappy in rainbow colour

 nappy for premature, newborn and tiny babies

  • eccentrically placed velcro for maximum resizing of nappy
  • foldable front part allows smaller size of nappy
  • slim fitting
  • made from hemp/organic cotton and organic cotton
  • hemp combined with cotton gives Ella's House newborn diapers/nappies high  absorbency and softness without bulk, also strong durability
  • recommended from 2,5-5kg
  • extra newborn booster included 

1x Ella's House Newbie wrap white

  • waterproof wraps for newborn nappies
  • double elastic band with gusset prevent leaking
  • closure aplix
  • adjustable size by popper
  • breathable and waterproof
  • fabric: 100% polyester laminated PUL
  • size:  2,5-5kg (5,5-11lb)