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Ella's House Bum Slender Fitted Cloth Nappy - Large

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The Ella's House Bum Slender is a slim fitting nappy for daily use with gentle elastics at the legs and back. It is a natural, unbleached colour which is available in three sizes, small, large and extra large.
With a choice of stitching. 
  • fastens with popper
  • made from hemp  ( 55% hemp/45% cotton)
  • hemp combined with cotton gives Ella's House diapers/nappies high  absorbency and softness without bulk, also strong durability
  • more absorbency soaker is separate from the nappy body so nappy dries quickly
  • soaker can be folded at the front for boys


  • sizing information
  • Small 3-7 kg (6.6-15.4 lb)
  • Large  7-15 kg (15.4-33 lb)
  • Extra Large >15 kg (>33lb) 


Please Note: This is absorbent part of the nappy and will need a nappy waterproof wrap/cover (sold separately) fitted over the top.