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Ecopipo Newborn Nappy

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Ecopipo newborn nappies are perfect for the early days when your baby is small.

Each newborn nappy has a 3-layer absorbent microfiber insert, and a 2-layer bamboo insert. You can use both or either inserts in the nappy depending on the level of absorbency required.

It has been designed with a row of front snaps making it adjustable within the size range for this nappy and provides a neat and comfortable fit from 2.8 – 6kg (6 – 13lbs)

Ecopipo newborn nappies have a unique system of internal barriers, helping to ensure containment, particularly helpful for those lovely newborn explosions!

Their outer layer is made of PUL making them 100% waterproof but not overheating your baby’s delicate skin.
Their inner layer is made of an easy to wash stay-dry microfleece