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Bamboo Hair brush
Eco friendly bamboo paddle brush
Bamboo paddle hair brush in eco friendly packaging

Ecojiko Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

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This bamboo paddle hair brush is made from natural rubber. The rounded bamboo pins will glide through your hair whilst massaging your scalp and stimulating your hair follicles unlike the prickly, plastic brushes!

BIODEGRADABLE: All elements of the hair brush will fully biodegrade rather than lasting hundreds of years in landfill. It will of course last you for many blissful years of hair brushing before biodegrading!

Made from 100% FSC certified bamboo.

PLASTIC FREE: The brush, the packaging, our mailing bags. All are plastic free and biodegradable.

Please note there is an air hole in the middle of the brush for ventilation. This is not a missing pin.

 The Bamboo Paddle Brush includes:

1 x Bamboo Paddle Brush 8.5 cm x 24 cm

Packaged in a recycled \ recyclable kraft cardboard box.