Tickle Tots 2's Review

I can't express how much I love the beautiful products that Tickle Tots makes but also the lovely way in which they have built and run their company. They, like us, are from Shropshire and were one of the very first nappies we stocked on our first website so they are just a bit special to us.

Tickle Tots Tractor print

We currently stock both versions of their nappies, 'Tickle Tots All in Ones' and 'Tickle Tots 2's' and they are both amazing but here is our honest review of the 'Tickle Tots 2's nappies.

I have used Tickle Tots nappies for over two years now so defiantly feel we have put them to the test with not one but three of our little Twidlets.

Tickle Tots Nappy Tickle Tots Blue Whale Print

The wraps are all incredibly beautiful and are designed by Sophia who runs Tickle Tots taking lots of inspiration from the surrounding countryside.

These nappies are incredibly easy to use with snaps on the front of the nappy which can adjust the rise making them suitable from 9-35lbs and a velcro closure to secure them. They are perfect if you need something simple, however, the design features of this nappy are anything but simple:

Inside Tickle Tots Nappy

  • It is a very slim nappy and not bulky at all so if you are not a fan of the 'big cloth bum' look then these are great.
  • The double leg elastics means that containment is fantastic and getting a good fit is easy.
  • Each nappy comes with two boosters which means you can adjust the absorbency to suit your needs. A larger booster made up of 4 layers of bamboo fleece with a suede cloth top which helps to keep baby dry. The smaller booster is made up of 3 layers of bamboo fleece and can be used independently when your baby is small

Having used the Tickle Tots 2's nappies for so long, with both my two little girls and my little boy I can whole heartily recommend them as not only as a fantastically absorbent but also a beautiful looking nappy.

We also sell the Tickle Tots coordinating wet bags to match their nappies. 

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