The Humble Wet Bag

Before I started using cloth nappies I had never heard of a 'wet bag' before but I quickly realized that these humble little bags were just a little bit amazing and I couldn't believe that I didn't already own one! The amount of single use plastic bags that I have not used because of one of these bags is uncountable.


three wet bags from Little Twidlets of varying size. The biggest is a jungle themed baba and boo and the smallest is a constellations also baba and boo the middle size is clouds from Tickle Tots. There is rainbow coloured wooden bricks in the fore ground spelling wet bags.

But first, if you have no idea what I'm on about and are thinking 'what is a wet bag?' Let me explain:

It is a thin, super light weight bag made of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) which is a water resistant material. Normally it will have a zip or draw string closure and comes in a wide range of colours/prints and sizes so no matter what your vibe is there is a wet bag to match your style. It washes and dries super quickly and takes up such a small amount of space, you can just crumple them down in your bag when not in use. Many of them have a loop handle for hanging up which is super handy to pop it up on the back of a bathroom door or on a changing table. Some of them such as the Tickle Tots bag have two pockets so you can have dirty and clean things separated.

Initially we used a wet bag just to store wet cloth nappies in when out and about because no one wants to carry their nappy bucket about with them but quickly realized that they were so useful for so many other uses. Grubby clothes from adventures, swimming bags for wet towels, a bag for muddy football shoes or wellies.

But don't stop there, you could also use them for storing breast pump parts in, or period pads and pants, sweaty gym clothes or toiletries, they make great bags for organizing your holiday suitcase, you could also use them for keeping reusable wipes or make up pads in, the Baba and Boo mini bags are a perfect size for this and the larger wet bags make the best laundry bags, especially if you are travelling or camping..basically almost everything that you would use a single use plastic bag for you can switch it to a wet bag.

Tickle Tots Wet bag, clouds | Little Twidlets

Such a super easy eco-friendly switch to make, the hard part is choosing which design you love the most. 

Find them all here: WET BAGS 


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