Reusable Nappy Week 2020

Today should be the start of Reusable Nappy Week, if you don't know what Reusable Nappy Week is, it's a week long celebration of all things cloth nappies. It's a week where shops and nappy libraries work together to promote them, to encourage people to try them, to bust myths around cloth nappies and a week where many retailers will run competitions and even offer discounts. 

But this year, for obvious Covid-19 reasons, things are very different. Nappy libraries can't organise meets and events and cloth nappy shops are running very low on stock and staff.

So for this Reusable Nappy Week I have decided that in a world where many are struggling to maintain their businesses and where things are really difficult for some, where some people are struggling to get any nappies, either single use ones or reusable ones that I needed to do something positive, supportive and helpful.

I have therefore begun developing a map of reusable nappy shops, both online and bricks and mortar ones (all though obviously you can't visit them at the moment),  to help people find places to buy cloth nappies and to help retailers, so people know they are there...this is especially important for smaller retailers that don't have a big (or in many cases, any!) marketing budgets.

You can find the map here...

Uk Cloth Nappy Retailers Map   (opens a new window)

I need help to complete it though, so if you are a cloth nappy shop with a fully operational website and/or bricks and mortar shop please message me to be added (I will only add shops that let me know themselves they want to be added because of GDPR reasons)

I also need help please to share this, to make it as widespread in the uk as possible to allow as many people to find it as possible.

Finally, I hope that you are all safe and well and remember brighter days will come. Please support your small and local shops as much as you are able to and take care of yourselves and each other. 


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