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I have been using the Ecopipo night nappy for six months now and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. I am using these with my baby boy Twidlet who is 8 months old and my girl toddler Twidlet who is 2 years old. 






Firstly, they are so...soooo soft! The outer layer of the nappy is made of very soft organic bamboo fleece and the inner layer is made from organic bamboo velour. It just feels and looks so comfortable on the little ones, which I think is particularly important for a night nappy as they are wearing it for such a long time (hopefully, if you have a  good sleeper).

This nappy is MASSIVELY absorbent, we have never had leeks from this with either of our children and it lasts them 12+ hours overnight with no problems. It can, of course, also be used as a daytime nappy, in particular for those times when you need a little extra absorbency such as a long car journey. 


The nappy is a 'one size' nappy meaning that by using the rise poppers on the front you can adjust the size.  This nappy has a massive 5 different size settings to enable you to get a perfect fit.


The hook and loop (velcro) makes it really easy to fasten around your babies tummy, making change times super quick and easy as soon as you have the nappy all made up and ready to go.                                                                                                          When you are ready to take off the nappy it has laundry tabs to protect the hook and loop sticking to everything in your washing machine. 


The insert is loooonng and made from bamboo which is really thirsty material making it an excellent choice for a night nappy. To use, simply fold it in thirds and place inside the pocket at the back of the nappy. The only downside we have so far found to this nappy is that the pocket on the nappy is quite narrow making it tricky if you have bigger hands, my husband really struggled, I, however, found it a snug fit but not impossible.

.Ecopipo inside nappy 


This nappy is not waterproof so you will need a wrap to go over this,  Ecopipo does an amazing array of wraps in both funky prints and block colours.

To round up, we LOVE this nappy and would definitely recommend it. The lovely soft feel and the super absorbency make it a definite winner as a night time nappy.  

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  • Thank you very much for such as fab review!! It is always lovely to hear someone was putting our nappies through testing! Just glad to hear it passed the test. For small hands we also advice to use the insert between the nappy and the wrap!! Both ways works well!! :)

    laura Finnegan

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