500ml-Underground-red-stainless-steel-bottle-Classic-Curvy-canteen-onegreenbottle Little Twidlets
500ml-hudson-blue-stainless-steel-bottle-Classc-Curvy-Canteen-onegreenbottle Blue Little Twidlets
500ml-pickle-green-stainless-steel-curvy-canteen-onegreenbottle Green Little Twidlets
500ml-Unicorn-stainless-steel-bottle-onegreenbottle-classic-curvy-canteen Little Twidlets Purple
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One Green Bottle - 500ml Curvy Bottle

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This stainless steel bottle is curvy to hold, gorgeous to look at. It just got better with an improved Classic Sports cap with better flow, more durability and it looks fine too! Bottles are single skinned so not insulated.

500ml stainless steel water bottle, sustainable eco friendly reusable bottle. Supplied in cardboard sleeve zero plastic packaging.

NOTE: This bottle is not insulated – it does not regulate beverage temperature

volume 500ml/18oz height inc cap 200mm diameter 75mm weight 138g – Please hand wash painted bottles